Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join HeadsUp?

Your experience, whether good or bad, matters. Perhaps there’s someone out there who’s struggling with the same thing you are. By sharing your experience you could help build the solution to not only your problem but to help others too.

By joining HeadsUp you have the opportunity to get your voice heard and for the right people to hear it. You can be a part of our community, and make new friends while working towards the same goal. There are many opportunities to build your skills and confidence, and some of the opportunities are paid.

I’m a bit nervous about sharing details of my mental health care. Why do you ask for them?

We ask what services you use so that we can offer you opportunities that are relevant to your experience. It also means that we are able to tailor things to your needs. We ask what your diagnosis is for the same reasons, although you do not need to disclose this if you don’t want too.

How much do I have to commit to?

Once you’ve signed up you will receive emails and texts letting you know about opportunities. It’s up to you how many or few you get involved in. You are under no obligation to get involved in anything.

You can be a part of HeadsUp purely in an online setting. You don’t have to sign up to any face-to-face opportunities if you prefer not to.

I don’t live in either Hammersmith & Fulham or Ealing, can I still join?

Unfortunately the opportunities only relate to services in these boroughs. However we hope to open in other boroughs in the future. Watch this space! In the meantime contact your local mind to find out the services in your area.

What is co-production and user involvement?

Co-production and User Involvement is when mental health service users take an equal role with professionals in designing and delivering mental health services. To find out more about co-production and User Involvement please click here.

What is safeguarding and when do HeadsUp staff do it?

Safeguarding is the protection of vulnerable adults or children from abuse or neglect. If HeadsUp staff think that there might be a safeguarding concern, we have policies and procedures in line with the local council’s policies to follow up concerns and inform the right people. To find out more information about safeguarding in your borough, please click the relevant links below.

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