Reflections on my day with MIND, interviewing for staff MIND were hiring.  Well this might sound a damned boring thing to do but actually I was looking forward to doing it. Life was tough at the time. I was dealing with some incredibly stressful and heavy issues. It was a chance to get away from it in a supported environment and focus in a professional, informal atmosphere and hurray… actually achieve something worthwhile.

I met people I found interesting and absorbing. I enjoyed using my skills again in this way.

The room was hard work, windowless and airless but as the others felt the same way it was easier to endure. I had moments of humour and moments of respect for the candidates. I also felt I was a critical part (not a tick boxing exercise) and I got paid. Lunch was a welcome respite and made the day much more enjoyable and supportive. We chose the best candidates and it was a worthwhile mission. These people were going to be instrumental in making the Borough a safer place whilst saving and enriching lives.

What I did I learn? Well, the warmth in the room, lunch and the company of likeable people made me feel better all round. To my surprise, I got some really encouraging and appreciative feedback from the other interviewers.

It boosted my confidence and made me smile in a very dark week in my life. Sometimes gifts await in surprisingly humdrum places.

Making A Difference Alliance Advisor