Olivia Martins (OT from Claybrook Centre) attended our Secondary Care Forum to speak about the “Moving Forward Group.” The basis of group is supporting clients who have or in the process of being discharged from Secondary Care Community Mental Health Services to Primary Care Mental Health Services.

Olivia attended the group to gain feedback about what service users have experienced already during discharge and how this group can aid people going through this process. Some points raised were: Ensuring service users are in touch with community services, such as third sector organisations. The group all agreed having other services to join and meet more individuals upon discharge can make you feel supported rather than alone.

Olivia presented the idea of having co-facilitators, a professional from the primary care team and a service user who has been through the discharge process. The group thought this sounded like a good idea as someone who has been through the process would have a good insight/ be able to answer questions and share their own experiences.

This group would take place at the Claybrook Centre, if you would like more information or to be referred please contact Olivia.martins@wlmht.nhs.uk. The group is currently in the referral stages and not running as of yet.