We’re here to help you improve the services you provide.

We facilitate opportunities for mental health service providers to gain feedback from service users.

HeadsUp work with organisations in Ealing and Hammersmith & Fulham. We tap into our network of 1100 members who have experience of mental health problems and match their experience to the needs of your organisation.

We work to embed service user involvement.

Service users are experts by experience, and their insight and expertise is vital to improve services. It is our role to facilitate the transition into this type of working.

There are a number of ways we can work together including (but not limited to):

Representation in meetings


It is vital that meetings and boards have service user representation. We recruit service users with specific experience relevant to that meeting. We ensure they are given a clear role description and organise payments.

Quick Feedback

Sometimes a professional might require a quicker form of feedback on a piece of work. We then take this to our regular forums to discuss what is proposed and provide that feedback.

Interview panels


Recruitment interview panels for clinical and non clinical roles need to have service users represented. For more information on how we facilitate this, please see our IPR flow diagram.

Design of communication material

We work closely with West London Mental Health Trust staff, to ensure that service user perspectives are taken into account when communications materials are being re-designed, or policies being re-written. 

Get in touch! Email us to discuss how we can work together HeadsUp@hfmind.org.uk